FPC, FFC connector (0.5mm pitch, SMD type) FFC connector (1.0mm pitch, DIP type)
Pitch Pin NO Contact Pitch Pin NO Contact
0.5mm 20pin bottom 1.0mm 4pin bottom
0.5mm 26pin bottom 1.0mm 14pin bottom
0.5mm 30pin bottom 1.0mm 16pin bottom
0.5mm 40pin bottom 1.0mm 18pin bottom
0.5mm 50pin bottom 1.0mm 20pin bottom
0.5mm 54pin bottom 1.0mm 22pin bottom
0.5mm 60pin bottom 1.0mm 24pin bottom
*Apply to LCD : PD064T2(FFC+30pin), LTP400WQ-F02(40pin), PFG35BT-TCLW(50pin), LTV350QV-F04(54pin) etc...
*Apply to LCD : EW32F40BCW(22pin), PMG3224R-SBF(24pin), LCBHBTB61M(16pin), touch panel(4pin) etc...
1.25mm FFC and connector 1.25mm FFC connector

*Check : pin number, pitch, top or bottom contact
0.5mm FFC and connector 1.0mm FFC and connector

* Check : pin number, pitch, top or bottom contact Straight type SMD type
LCD interface Cable Box connector (housing and wafer)
* 1:1 or 1:30 connection * 30 or 32 pin box connector Drawing (housing) * apply to : LB121S02-A2(12.1")
* Apply to : LB064V02, LB104V03 * Apply to : LB064V02, LB104V03 Drawing (Wafer)
Drawing of Connectors Drawing of Connectors
Part number Application Spec(pitch,pin,type) Part number Application Spec(pitch,pin,type)
5597-14 LCD 1.25mm, 14pin, DIP GIL-G-4P-S3T2 Backlight 2.5mm, 4pin, DIP
53261-0590 Inverter 1.25mm, 5pin, SMD YDH200-32 LCD 2mm, 32pin, housing
52271-0490 Touch panel 1.0mm, 4pin, SMD YDW200-32 LCD 2mm, 32pin
GF10A-4S-CSS Touch panel 1.0mm, 4pin, SMD GF056-60S-LSS LCD 0.5mm, 60pin, SMD
GF053-30S-LSS LCD 0.5mm, 30pin, SMD DF-41 LCD 1mm, 41pin
GF056-40S-LSS LCD 0.5mm, 40pin, SMD 10-5602-50 LCD 0.4mm, 50pin
GF056-50S-LSS LCD 0.5mm, 50pin, SMD FI-X30M LCD 1.0mm, 30pin, housing
GF102-22S-TS LCD 1.0mm, 22pin NZ11-004 LED B/L 0.5mm, 4pin, SMD
GT101-30P LCD 1.0mm, 30pin, housing FF110-S40B-C25 LCD 1.0mm, 40pin, SMD
GT101-30S-HR11 LCD 1.0mm, 30pin 12512WS-08 WIRE 1.25mm, 8pin
12505WR-05 WIRE 1.25mm, 5pin 04-6277-006-001 Touch panel 0.5mm, 4pin
GF056-20S-LSS LCD 0.5mm, 20pin, SMD 05003HR-06A01S LED B/L 0.5mm, SMD
05004HR-16A01S LCD 0.5mm, 16pin, SMD DF9-31 WIRE 0.5mm, 30pin